The blockchain-based platform Lympo announced in March 2018 that the company will distribute shares worth 20% of the business using smart contracts to Lympo token holders.


In a recent update from the company this idea has been researched, developed and proper legal and administrational actions have been taken to make this a reality. In order to help our readers take advantage of this opportunity we decided to create a how to article for this purpose.



  • An ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet

  • A minimum of 10,000 LYM tokens deposited in your Ethereum wallet

  • Complete a KYC (know your customer) form


August 15 2018, by this date you should have completed the steps necessary to receive Lympo shares.


The shares are tokenized hence they should be tradable on exchanges in the future and will have a intrinsic value per token/share. In addition to that the company is going to provide exclusive benefits for Lympo shareholders.


  1. Download and install Parity or use MyEtherWallet, once you have your Ethereum address, you can proceed to the next step

  2. Purchase Lympo (LYM) tokens using one of the following exchanges Lympo Markets, once you purchased LYM (remember minimum 10, 000 is required for shares) you can proceed to the next step

  3. Withdraw the LYM tokens to your Ethereum wallet. Login in to your wallet and confirm that they have been deposited/received

  4. Register as a holder by entering your e-mail address and ERC-20 wallet address in the form on the top of this page Lympo holder form, you will receive a confirmation on the page or it will be sent to your e-mail address

  5. Complete the KYC using this form Lympo KYC form. This form will require a photo of your valid id document, a selfie of you holding the id document and a utility bill to confirm your residence/physical address

If you have successfully completed the steps above you are all set, remember that the minimum 10, 000 LYM token should remain in your wallet so that they will be included in the snapshot which will be executed on August 15, 2018. Well done, and good luck!