The decentralized exchange protocol project Loopring has offered a Mid-Term and Long-Term incentive program for LRC token holders throughout 2017 and 2018.


In addition to the incentive programs Loopring will airdrop a second batch of LRN to LRC holders on September 5th 2018 with the snapshot taking place on September 1st 2018.


There are various ways you can participate, in this How To article we will describe the easiest (e.g. user friendly) way to receive this LRN airdrop.


  • Loopr Wallet

  • NEO Wallet

  • Minimum 1000 LRC

  • Minimum one trade performed on Loopr DEX


September 1st 2018, by this date you should have completed the steps necessary to receive LRN airdrop.


You will receive 2 LRN per 100 LRC, for example if you have the minimum 1000 LRC you will receive 20 LRN.


  1. Create a Loopr wallet, you can use the Metamask plugin or a hardware wallet depending on your preference.

  2. Create a NEO wallet or use an existing NEO wallet, then copy your NEO address which will be required in the following steps.

  3. Deposit a small amount of Ethereum to your Loopr wallet, this will be required to pay gas in the following steps.

  4. Make sure that you have a minimum of 1000 LRC in your Loopr wallet.

  5. Execute a trade using your Loopr wallet by using the trade option in the Loopr account menu, you can for example sell a small amount of LRC to fullfill the requirement for this airdrop.

  6. Bind your NEO address with your Loopr wallet address by using the option “Airdrops” in the Loopr account menu. The binding request will now use some of your Ethereum to pay gas for the binding transaction required.


If you have successfully completed the steps above you are all set, remember that the minimum 1000 LRC should remain in your wallet so that they will be included in the snapshot which will be executed on September 1st 2018. Well done, and good luck!